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Limited edition summer bundles

Summer's fleeting: Stay hydrated in style with exclusive new bundles.

Common questions

One Pod provides flavour for at least 5 liters of water! Since we use natural flavours and no artificial ingredients, it goes without saying that the Pods don't provide taste forever. It lasts for at least 10 bottles of your favourite beverage. Find out what goes into our pods here.

air up® doesn’t overwhelm your palette like juice or soda, but it's not supposed to. This is pure hydration, enhanced with a gentle taste to make water your new favorite beverage.

Find out how Scentaste really works here to get a better idea of what to expect.

Yes, that's right. Thanks to our Scentaste™ technology, all you drink is plain water, but taste amazing flavors like Cherry or Peach. All through the power of scent.

The scent of our pods is derived from only natural ingredients, such as fruits, spices, and herbs, which are applied to a food-safe carrier material, or what we like to call, the fleece. We use no artificial flavors and all air up® pods are free from regulated allergens.

Sustainability is a process - and a journey we take together. We are integrating sustainability into every decision we make and want to enable as many people as possible to consume in a healthier and more sustainable way. What exactly does that look like? You can find all the info on sustainability here.

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